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PDF Frameworks and Tools for iOS and Mac OS X

March 13th, 2013

Working with PDF files using the native APIs provided by iOS and Mac OSX can be a daunting task so I decided to find projects and products that will make your life easier. The list is open for updates, feel free to leave a comment if you know a PDF related project that is not on the list.

PDF Kit Apple's framework that allows you to display and manipulate PDF documents in Mac OS X applications
Apple Quartz 2D - The API from Apple for creating and viewing PDF files
MTPDF - A simple wrapper around GCGPDFDocument and CGPDFPage
PdfReportKit - a small library that helps you in the process of creating reports starting with some HTML code
PDFKitten - A framework for searching PDF documents on iOS
ILPDFKit - A simple toolkit for filling out PDF forms and extracting PDF data in iOS
VFR Reader - PDF viewer framework
iOS - htmlToPdf - HTML to PDF conversion for iOS
libHaru - open source library for generating PDF files
ZoomingPDFViewer - PDF viewer sample
PDFReporter - reporting framework

IFXPDFFactory for iOS & OS X - A PDF framework for creating and editing PDF files on iOS and Mac OS X
PDFTouch SDK for iOS - A fast and customizable framework for rendering PDF files in your iOS apps
ReturnMagazine for iOS - ReturnMagazine is a PDF viewer and downloader for iOS
FastPDFKit - PDF viewer framework
PSPDFKit - PDF viewer framework
PDFTron Mobile PDF SDK - PDF viewer framework
Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for iOS - PDF viewer framework
PDFlib - PDF library for creating and editing PDF files
iANNOTATE PDF SDK - PDF viewer framework
RadaeePDF SDK - PDF viewer framework. Includes editing capabilities.

XFINIUM.PDF MOBILE Edition - PDF library for creating and editing PDF files
PSPDFKit - PDF viewer framework with Xamarin.iOS bindings

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  1. Thanks for this list!

    Please add PSPDFKit also to Xamarin.iOS, via the bindings you get all features of PSPDFKit (viewing PDF files, displaying and editing annotations, generating PDF documents from office/web, full-text search) accessible from .NET.

  2. Hello, can you please add to the list my new framework to download and view PDF files?


  3. Hi to All,

    is there any free library which is having the sticky Notes & text high light features? Please response me asap.

  4. Which of these support PDF layers?
    Do any of these support geo-located PDFs (such as Avenza Maps) too?

  5. You can add also https://plugpdf.com/ it is paid and also has indie license also add http://www.radaeepdf.com/

  6. RadaeePDF has also PDF editing capabilities.

  7. VeryPDF has a PDF framework, I have used it some time, it works good.

  8. I’ve created a suite of python scripts that use Quartz to provide ‘middleware’ for a variety of PDF actions, such as making booklet spreads, rotating pages, adding page numbers, setting metadata, counting pages, and applying quartz filters.
    The scripts can either be given arguments on the command line, or used to create Automator workflows.

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