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What’s the resolution of pdf files?

July 06th, 2016

Many people ask what is the resolution of PDF files and the answer is NONE.

5 apps to debug PDF files

April 13th, 2016

Very often we encounter PDF files that cannot be loaded or are not displayed correctly. Or they can be loaded with Adobe Reader (which is very forgiving when it comes to PDF errors) but they cannot be loaded with another tool and the customer asks 'Why?'. To debug PDF problems like these we need to dig deep in the PDF file structure.
In this article you'll find 5 applications for inspecting PDF files down to the COS object level. These tools require knowledge of PDF specification in order to understand their output. All the applications run on Windows and are GUI based.

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Text extraction from PDF files – part 1

April 05th, 2016

Text extraction from PDF files is a requirement that many developers encounter in their software projects. While some people prefer to use a 3rd party library (PDFkitten for example) for this task, others want to implement it from the scratch.

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IFXPDFFactory – part 11 – Document information and viewer preferences

February 24th, 2015

The document information stores metadata about the document. The viewer preferences specify how the PDF file should be displayed in the viewer.

IFXPDFFactory – part 10 – TrueType fonts in PDF files

February 24th, 2015

The IFXPDFTrueTypeFont class brings support for using TrueType fonts in PDF files. TrueType font objects can be created both in ANSI and Unicode mode.

IFXPDFFactory 0.2.0

February 24th, 2015

After a long break IFXPDFFactory 0.2.0 is now available. It brings support for ANSI and Unicode TrueType fonts, 64bit, document information and viewer preferences.
Download it here.

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IFXPDFFactory 0.1.0 Alpha version now available

November 15th, 2013

First version of IFXPDFFactory for iOS is now available. It's an alpha version which means it has bugs and only the basic features are implemented but it lets you feel the API and test the concepts shown in the articles published so far.

There are 14 samples included in the samples browser application to show the features implemented so far. There is no Apple style documentation yet, but it will come.

Feel free to download the framework and take it for a test drive. Any questions you might have can be posted here as comments or sent by email to me.

IFXPDFFactory – part 9 – PDF optional content / layers

September 04th, 2013

PDF optional content (also known as PDF layers) refers to sections of content in a PDF document that can be selectively viewed, printed or hidden by document authors or consumers. This feature is now implemented in IFXPDFFactory framework.

IFXPDFFactory – part 8 – PDF fonts and text

July 30th, 2013

Support for the base 14 PDF fonts has been implemented. Also the text drawing methods have been implemented.

The base class for all fonts is IFXPDFBaseFont. The standard 14 PDF fonts are implemented through the IFXPDFFont class, which inherits from IFXPDFBaseFont. The supported fonts are: Helvetica, Helvetica Bold, Helvetica Italic, Helvetica Bold-Italic, Courier, Courier Bold, Courier Italic, Courier Bold-Italic, Times Roman, Times Roman Bold, Times Roman Italic, Times Roman Bold-Italic, ZapfDingbats and Symbol.

IFXPDFFactory – part 7 – PDF images

June 28th, 2013

Support for drawing images on PDF pages has been implemented. An image drawn on a PDF page is represented by the IFXPDFImage class. At this moment a PDF image can be created only from a CGImage object, later I'll add support for creating images directly from image files or memory.